About Intercept Fiber

We’ve been part of the Kearney community since the late 90’s when our founder – Mike Phillips – operated Blue Sky Technology, a computer repair company on Jefferson Street. In the early 2000’s, Blue Sky Wireless was our first venture into providing internet service focusing on rural areas that did not have access to DSL or cable. We added Ron, Kevin, and Cassie (a 2001 Kearney graduate) to the business in 2009 and rebranded to Intercept Wireless and continued our growth in rural Clay County.

Unfortunately, Mike passed in 2015 leaving a large gap in the business. To continue what he started, Cassie, Kevin, and Ron continued with business plans to serve more of Kearney. In 2021, plans were formed to become one of the first residential fiber providers in Kearney city limits and construction began in 2022. We believe there is tremendous value in bringing a critical service to the community we call home. We’ll never be the big guys, and will never build as fast as they can. However, we can offer a superior product with a level of customer service and personal attention that they can never match.