Intercept Fiber

Hello Kearney, Blazing Fast Fiber is Here!

Blazing fast fiber internet is now an option for you in Kearney. Say goodbye to choppy Zoom calls, slow downloads, and the kids arguing about their YouTube speeds.

With all your technology needs at home, you deserve the fastest internet available. And finally, it’s here.

1,000Mbps Lightning Fast Speed

Customer Service from Real Humans (and Neighbors)

WiFi You Won’t Curse At

Ready for Fast Fiber Internet Service?

The following neighborhoods are currently active. If you live in these areas, click the map or your neighborhood name and fill out your information to get fiber internet installed ASAP.

The Meadows at Greenfield | Victoria Estates | Holmes Creek | Holmes Creek Hills | River Bend Estates | River Meadows | The Hills | Dovecot | River Run I | River Run II

The following neighborhoods are areas we are either building in or collecting interest in. Consult the map below for specific details per neighborhood. If you are located in one of these areas, click the map or your neighborhood to get on our list for future installs.

White Gates | Mission Ridge | Stonecrest | Brooke Haven | Blue Sky Gardens

About Intercept Fiber

We started as Intercept Wireless and have been serving the rural areas around Kearney for over a decade. As the need for reliable, high-speed internet in the home has grown, we’re excited to provide fiber internet service to the community we call home as well. Just because we choose to live and work away from the hustle of the big city doesn’t mean we should sacrifice high-speed connectivity for our families. Welcome to Intercept Fiber, neighbor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Neighborhoods we actively provide service in:

  • The Meadows at Greenfield
  • Victoria Estates
  • Holmes Creek
  • Holmes Creek Hills
  • River Bend Estates
  • River Meadows
  • The Hills
  • Dovecot
  • River Run I
  • River Run II

Neighborhoods we are collecting interest in:

  • Mission Ridge
  • Stonecrest
  • Brooke Haven
  • White Gates
  • Blue Sky Gardens

Click here to let us know you are interested in fiber internet service!

We currently offer the following speed options:

  • 100Mbps download / 100Mbps upload
  • 300Mbps download / 300Mbps upload
  • 500Mbps download / 500Mbps upload
  • 1Gbps download / 1Gbps upload

Click here to see all of our internet plans and pricing details.

We do have plans to expand to more of Kearney! After the initial phase of our fiber project is complete, we have plans to continue expanding north across more of Kearney as we have the opportunity to do so.

Yes it is! Installation and setup is free, which makes switching to Intercept a breeze. Our team will get the fiber into your house and get all of your devices connected to our blazing fast fiber network.

We’ve partnered with MyBundle to help simplify your streaming TV experience because we know it can be confusing. MyBundle’s suite of free tools help you eliminate all the work needed to find the streaming services that have the content you actually want. Whether it’s finding a replacement for cable or satellite with the channels you need, discovering new streaming services that match your interests, or deciding what to watch next – MyBundle can help. (And save you hundreds of dollars and hours in the process!)

We don’t offer any phone services currently, but we are always happy to answer questions and help point you in the right direction.

Fiber optic cables offer higher speeds and more reliable service and transmit data upwards of 100 times faster than traditional copper cables, which have limited bandwidth and transmission speed. Fiber cables use light rather than electronic pulses to transmit data, so the signal travels farther without losing speed or signal. This means all your streaming services will stream, not stall, and you won’t lose the game because your internet was too slow.

Yes! All of our plans include the use of a Wi-Fi 6 router at no additional charge. Need extenders? We have those available to buy or lease as well!